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Honey hunting occurs in very critical natural topography which is generally isolated from human habitation. We have to be well equipped with all food & tents or campaign management including guides, porters & sometimes we have to take help from villagers.

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Honey Hunting Journey

For thousands of years ago, indigenous people Gurung of these reasons are accustomed to cliff honey Hunting. our Hearts thrilled on viewing the unbelievable scenes of Honey Hunting running off the cliff on high 50- 200 meters. on the support of a homemade traditional ladder made up of Niyalo rope of choya(the core of small bamboo parts). October /November and May\jun are two probably periods of Honey Hunting in a year.

Autumn season's hunting is done in the low alt altitude belt(1050 -1300m). the site is near to the base .so the journey of the seasons is short generally 3-5 days. but last of spring and beginning of summer season Honey hunting is possible high altitude(1300m-3800m).for this moment needs to 5 -10 days adventure journey.

Hunting Journey Management

Honey Hunting occurs in very critical Natural topography. which is generally isolated from Human habitation we have to be well equipped with all food and tents campion management including guide, porters and some time we have to take support by villagers.

For a well-established company, it is possible to buy only the Honey Hunting program with certain inclusion. like dealy allowances for hunters, community charges, life insurance, with tents and food facilities for them. provided that they have to manage every necessity for their groups themselves.

Basic route of the journey

Day1. 6-7 hour Travel by privet jeep\tourist bus for Historical Bandipur via Dumre. well- come by Newari culture, and tour the city.
Day2. 4-5 hour drive to by privet Bus\jeep and 1-2 hour adventure walk to Honey Hunting village site.
Day3. 1-2 hour adventure walk to Honey Hunting Cliff site and viewing the Heart Thrilling Honey Hunting Program. Culture dances by Hunters after dinner.
Day4. 2-hour drive and 3-hour adventure walk or 5-6 hour adventure walk to the river bank. viewing the amazing Natural scenes on the way( waterfalls, Hidden valley, Gorje of Annapurna, and Manasulu ranges which are over 8000metre), the BBC says," this territory is an Amazing Beautiful great place of this Planet, every person most to visit before death...." Himalayan culture dances after dinner.
Day5. 2-hour drive and a half-hour walk to a natural hot spring, 2-3 hour drive and 45-minute adventure walk to a Beautiful Cave, tour to the cave, 1-hour adventure walk or half hour walk and half hour drive to Bandipur, Gurung culture dances after dinner.
day6. morning sight scenes, breakfast, half-hour drive to Dumre, departure for your destination(by privet jeep\tourist Bus) Kathmandu\Pokhara\Chitwon National Park.

Fixed date of Honey Hunting

we have some Honey Hunting groups, we can conduct Honey Hunting programs about 4 times in the Autumn season (15 October-15 November) and 4 times in the Summar season(15 may to 15 June).

Mostly Honey Hunting cliffs are Conservation areas. so it needs to permit.
2. Autumn season we can organize 4-6 days and Summar seasons 5-10 days. This program is very adventure,every day you can see Honey Hunting on diffrent cliffs and its need to adventure walk per day 4-6 hour with Hunters.

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